Outside Days EP

by Night Rooms

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Gavin Dunn get famous so i can mosh to the fold flakes outro with other hardcore fans please Favorite track: Gold Flakes.
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5 quick ones in anticipation of our debut album, "Is"

Thanks to Jonathon "Dan" McNeill, Tyler Burt, Corrie Calderon, Marj Williams for photography/patience, and Ryan, Landon, and Luke for sticking with me this far

Recorded at Ivy, January 2017

For Grandpa


released January 21, 2017

All music by Nic Graver, Ryan Burt, Landon Renwick, and Luke Morse
All lyrics by Nic Graver

Mixed by Nic Graver and Ryan Burt



all rights reserved


Night Rooms Reno, Nevada

Night Rooms is:

Nic Graver
Ryan Burt
Luke Morse
Landon Renwick

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Track Name: Marjie's in Michigan
I want to skip to
Making you coffee though I don't want any or
Ordering pizza to send to your door
I do find it funny that before you met me
You knew my last name and who I was before
Piecing together your real and your fake self
Comparing composites to see who you are
Forget it it's useless just sit down talk with me
I can make you coffee though I don't want mine

Oh I know I'm not the one

Telling you useless tidbits about my life
How my weekend went or maybe that one time
That I did whatever now it's a good story
To tell you to make sure that you don't get bored
I wrote it all down when you were out of town
How I wanted to sound when you came back around
I wanted to lay down in my new room with you
I'm sure we can find something else to do

Oh I know I'm not the one

On and on the night was long
All alone I call your phone
Oh I don't deserve no one
Oh I know that you're the one
For me
Track Name: Gotta Lot 2 Learn
I read you texts, I read your texts
So many times before I go to sleep
I made a mess, a mess at best,
I put something right in between
You and me and me and you
And there's nothin I can do
I made mistakes, I made mistakes
And now I'm wishing I could change

Oh I know, I've got a lot to learn

Your friends were wrong they're my friends too
But they don't know anything about you
The stars were right babe but I was too
I thought I had nothing to lose
I feel it all I feel nothing
I feel unsettled don't want settling
I don't know why I couldn't be your man
I'm still too stupid to understand

But I know, I've got a lot to learn

So I'll walk, to your house, from my dorm, to the north
I'll write a book, all about how, the snow felt good, and I was warm
Just thinkin of, how I would feel, when I fell down, before your door
And you pick me up
And I'm in your arms
Track Name: Rip Me
Bury me in your garden
I'll fertilize your flowers
That your new lover picks for you
When he walks to your doorstep
Like I used to do

Rest in peace late night Nic
"I'm cutting you out" she said "this is it
Go back to Twitter if you wanna talk shit
Or put it in a song I'll never listen"

You don't want it, well you can't have it
I wouldn't give it to you anyways
I see my lie right when I write it
Wish I could lie to your face
Like you used to do
Track Name: FOH
I found a girl her voice sounded just like yours, but she didn't have the words that you did
I found a woman she said I'm the ladies man
so I took her by the hand said that's not it
She said "yes it is"

She said I'm like the ones before
But I'm not like them no more
She looked like a girl I knew before
But she's not around no more

I found a lady she's happy right by my side
So I will run and hide I don't know why
I found a girl I swear to God she looks just like you.
So the fuck I'm supposed to do when she's not, oh she's not

She said I'm like the boys before
But I'm not that that no more
She looked like a girl I knew before
But I'm not around no more
Track Name: Gold Flakes
Gold flakey eyelids
I can walk you home
I follow your footprints
Still fresh in the snow
You always leave early
Like there's somewhere to go
But you can't fool me
You like it alone

Invest in me, give me your love
I know we can be, together alone
You're hard to keep, slip through my palms
You're all that I need, I'm not what you want

Golden on your phone case
I'll give you a call
You knew you were coming
You knew all along
Gold flakey eyelids
You can walk me home
Then we'll be together
Together Alone