by Night Rooms

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New demos from the Night Rooms boyos!!


released February 19, 2016

Vocals / Acoustic Guitar by Nic Graver
Percussion by Ryan Burt
Electric Guitar by Luke Morse
Bass by Landon Renwick



all rights reserved


Night Rooms Reno, Nevada

Night Rooms is:

Nic Graver
Ryan Burt
Luke Morse
Landon Renwick

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Track Name: Yacht Club
She likes pretty rich boys and
She is easy to annoy but
She is the reason that I'm here
She thinks she's superior and
She thinks that I am a bore but
She is the reason that I'm here

I never knew that I could feel
The thought of love that also could be real

She likes to twirl her hair and
She like the distant state when
I am looking at her
She likes to hold off replies and
She likes to cover her eyes when
She knows I'm looking at her

I never knew that I could feel
The thought of love that also could be
A sign that I am finished with the tears
The thoughts of old men reeling in the years

I was on the beach with you
Your friends thought that they knew the truth
I wanted to explode in to
A million pieces fall right through
The trap that your friends made
They said they you weren't playing games
They said that I could make a name
But it can never be the same
So I ditched you for the party at some Damonte kid's new house
The girls were real and they were kind
And they would never leave me behind
Everyone there wanted to meet me Erica, Ken, Dev, and Ruby
Late Night Nic that's what they called me Lemonhope with walkie talkies
Track Name: Star Tattoos
It's like she's saying, you mean a lot to me. Just not enough to warrant a response
It's like she's screaming, although it's silently. She's saying that she's had enough
And I am trying, I try so hard to be the one that she will want
and now she's crying, she's in her bedroom and now the last thing that she wants is to talk

and so I'm asking, I'm on my knees; stay with me.

And now she's leaving, oh she is done with me and she is trying to find her phone
And in the evening, she will be calling me like absolutely nothing is wrong
I'll go to dinner, I'll pay for everything I'll tell her I can't change for the world
She'll go to college, the university and I'll be there but now I'm just another boy

and so I'm asking, I'm on my knees; stays with me.
Oh I know that I'd be asking for a lot.

It's like she's saying, so you are done with me. And I am trying to tell her it's not true
But she is right. Oh in reality, it is me and I am over you
Track Name: Ashton Kutcher / Crystal Lakes
It's a make out playlist that I will probably never use
And it's the fact that every single time I hope the text I get is from you
And it's a slumber party in the middle of the night I'm tryna see if you're asleep
Or if you'll hear me call your name when I am seeing you in my dreams
Just fall asleep next time I'll write down what I see
The light in your eyes and eyebrows on fleek
Ha ha come on everyone laugh with me
Try to forget this roman tragedy
Called no where near Romeo and a girl out of his league
Sometimes I think I'll just always be comic relief

I see that I'm not the one you want, that makes me want you more
I'm not sure if I'm just used to be alone, or if I like it more
So won't you be, so won't you be, so won't you be alone with me?

It's the time I spent in a made up world when I should've been with you
It's Ashton kutcher saying that I've been punked if I thought it could be true
Did you hear the news? Nic wrote another song about you know who and how he thinks it would be better if you knew
About every time at Bryce's house when he thought that you would be there too
So he planned the move, even though it's probably just pretend
Yeah he planned the move, then he never saw you again.

Crystal Lakes:

Everything I need is before me, past the Crystal Lakes up on Lone Tree
Everything I have I'll give you half, not for a return just to pay you back

Oh where did you go, that night all alone without me?
Oh what am I to do, tonight all alone without... u

Everything I want I don't deserve. What do I expect when I act like this?
Everything I can't have I want most, not the least of which is the feel of your lips

I know you weren't all alone, I know that he drove you home
But now I hope you're the one, because I'm alone now, and I'd rather be with you.
Track Name: Gold Flakes
Gold flaky eyelids
I can walk you home
I'll follow your footprints
Still fresh in the snow
You always leave early
Like there's somewhere to go
But you can't fool me
You like it alone

Invest in me, give me your love
I know we can be, together alone
You're hard to keep, slip through my palms
You're all that I need, I'm not what you want

Golden on your phone case
I'll give you a call
I heard you were coming
You knew all along
Gold flaky eyelids
You can walk me home
Then we'll be together
Together alone
Track Name: Never Call Me
I asked you for a painting all you gave me was a frame
But everybody knows that I'm the only one to blame
I'll only chase the girls the ones I know I'll never hold
But if I held you in my arms I know I'm still not whole
So fill me up full tell me that I fit the mold
In the morning when I call tell me that you're down to crawl
Down the sidestreets you and me listening to Helena Beat
On repeat as we're moving our feet

Never call me up never call me up
Make me work
I can't make you love me
Never lift me up only put me down
Make me hurt
I can't make you love me

Your influence on mine has gone from quickly tantalized
To making me cut all my ties I'll run away into your mind
You make me do the things I promise myself not to do
You make me do the things oh yeah I'm used to be used
Like a rental Redbox take me for the night
Turn me in early to avoid all of the lines outside
of the liquor store the one that never cards tell them that it won't be long you know I have my withdrawals from you

Never call me up never call me up
Make me work
I can't make you love me
Never lift me up only put me down
Make me hurt
I can't make you love me
Track Name: Gotta Lot 2 Learn
I read you texts, I read your texts
So many times before I go to sleep
I made a mess, a mess at best,
I put something right in between
You and me and me and you
And there's nothin I can do
I made mistakes, I made mistakes
And now I'm wishing I could change

Oh I know, I've got a lot to learn

Your friends were wrong they're my friends too
But they don't know anything about you
The stars were right babe but I was too
I thought I had nothing left to lose
I feel it all I feel nothing
I feel unsettled don't want settling
I don't know why I couldn't be your man
I'm still too stupid to understand

But I know, I've got a lot to learn

So I'll walk, to your house, from my dorm, to the north
I'll write a song, all about how, the snow felt good, and I was warm
Just thinkin of, what I would feel, when I fell down, before your door
And you picked me up
And I'm in your arms
I've gotta lot 2 learn